My name is Bayne Brannen.

I am an experienced analyst with a distinct interest in technology, media, marketing, and just making things work. I come from a liberal arts background and love to use left-brain and right-brain skills whenever I can—particularly when it comes to developing data solutions. I enjoy figuring out how to get data from one place to another in one piece, telling stories with data, and automating the boring stuff.

Scraping and Cleaning Data from VGChartz

I use Scrapy and pandas to build a web crawler to retrieve video game statistics from and clean the resulting dataset.

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Why Can't I Predict the Oscars?

I attempt to predict Oscar-winning films using logistic regression. It's certainly not a very successful attempt, but nonetheless I've collected my findings and observations here.

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Facebook Ads Google Data Studio Connector

I use Google Apps Script and the Facebook API to automatically import Facebook ad data into Google Data Studio.

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Experienced in writing complex SQL queries and reports to extract data straight from the source.


Expert in the pandas, numpy, and scikit-learn libraries. Experienced with RESTful APIs and web scraping.

Data visualization

Familiar with business intelligence platforms like Tableau and Looker. Obsessed with making data look beautiful.


I know my way around a spreadsheet. Vlookups, pivot charts, macros, and more.


With my humanities background, I have acquired a unique set of writing and verbal communication skills that aid me when presenting findings and explaining analysis.


I am working towards my Solutions Architect Certification. In fact, this very website is hosted on AWS using AWS S3 and Route 53.